Allah protects man through saying it. The word Rokya is a type of supplication said so as to be protected by Allah from evil things.

Rokya is legitimate only through three conditions:
» One should not be a polytheist, and it should not include any sins.
» It should be said in a meaningful piece of language.
» One should believe that Allah (glorified and exalted be he) is the one who protect, and not the rokya in itself.

How the Rokya is made?
The raky (the one who says the rokya) reads the rokya on the location where one has a pain, or inside his hands then puts them on the same location, or in water. After reading, the raky spits without producing saliva; it is a breath that contains some wetness from the saliva.

The treatment using Rokya:
The legitimate Rokya is used to treat the following if Allah wills:
» Any complaint
» Distress, grief, and suffering
» Envy.
» Magical powers
» Any evil spirit
» Evil and harms
» Allah protects you through saying the azkar (a certain supplication said at night and day) of the night and day

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