• To listen to Jebril’s Radio… »  Click Here Â«
  • To download jebril’s Radio wingadget for Windows Vista » Click Here «
  • To listen to Jebril’s Radio in your “Pocket PC” or “Palm” device that has built-in Wifi or GRPS, using the “Itune or Gsplayer” Program please write this address: http://radio.jebril.com
  • Also you can listen to Jebril’s Radio using Shoutcast Broadcasting technology… open “Winamp” program or “Windows Media Player” program and write the same address shown above.
  • From your Mac OS, open Itunes and paste this address into Itunes advanced menu –> open audio stream: http://radio.jebril.com
  • For the iPhone and iTouch devices, you can download our free program Jebril Radio
    Download from App Store